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The Chairperson of Cancer Bhagao, Mr Prafulla Kumar, has a career spanning three decades, encompassing academia, advertising media, and journalism. With a strong commitment to social impact, his dedication was ignited by the loss of his spouse, leading them to initiate the Cancer Bhagao movement. He brings a wealth of expertise and experience to combat cancer by raising awareness, and providing support to those affected. His multifaceted background and unwavering determination makes him a beacon of hope in the fight against cancer.



The treasurer of the Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation for Cancer Research, Rishi Bhushan Jha, is an engineering graduate from Delhi College of Engineering. He has been associated with the organization since its inception, lending his expertise from a career spanning three decades to further its mission. With unwavering commitment, he dedicates himself to driving the foundation's work while making a meaningful impact in the fight against this disease.

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Sanjay Jha, the general secretary of the Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation for Cancer Research brings his expertise as a chartered accountant with two years of experience. With his strong financial acumen, he plays a vital role in managing the foundation's financial affairs and ensuring transparency. Committed to the cause, he diligently works towards optimizing resources and fostering sustainable growth. His invaluable contributions contribute to the foundation's mission of advancing cancer awareness and making a lasting impact.


Vinod Malhotra


Vinod Malhotra, the trustee of the Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation for Cancer Research is an accomplished producer for DD National, with an illustrious three-decade career in the field. His expertise lies in crafting strategic approaches for the organization's work. With a deep understanding of the industry, he brings valuable insights and vision to guide the foundation's initiatives towards impactful outcomes. As a dedicated trustee, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation's strategies and ensuring its continued success in the fight against cancer.


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Harshita Kumari


Harshita Kumari, a trustee of the Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation for Cancer Research, is an early career development professional. Her unique focus lies in engendering healthcare, advocating for gender equity and inclusivity within the healthcare sector. Through her expertise and engagement with the organization, Harshita strives to promote equal access to cancer care and resources for all genders. Her dedication to engendering healthcare empowers individuals, ensuring that everyone receives the support and opportunities they deserve in their cancer journey.


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