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Cancer is a life-altering diagnosis that can leave survivors feeling isolated and alone. However, the Jashn e Justju support group was founded with the idea of celebrating life after cancer. The group is committed to providing a space where cancer survivors can come together and find a sense of community, support, and harmony. The group is also dedicated to helping first-time cancer patients by mobilizing resources and providing emotional support.


The group has organized several poetry retreats for cancer survivors, where participants have the opportunity to explore their emotions and experiences through writing and sharing poetry and participating as recipients to poetry performances of some of the greatest poets of our time. 

These retreats have been an immense success, as survivors have found solace in expressing 

themselves creatively and connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences.

Jashn e Justju is now looking to expand its network and invite more cancer survivors to join the community. The group believes that building a larger network of survivors can help create a sense of solidarity and support. By sharing experiences, tips, and advice, members can help each other navigate the challenges of cancer survivorship and find joy and fulfillment in life after cancer.


One of the core values of Jashn e Justju is resource mobilization for first-time cancer patients. The group is committed to providing support to those who are just starting their cancer journey, by providing information, guidance, and resources. The group aims to build a community that is not only a source of emotional support but also a resource hub for those in need.


Jashn e Justju invites all cancer survivors to join the community and celebrate life after cancer. By sharing experiences, building friendships, and supporting each other, members can find hope, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose. The group believes that together, we can overcome the challenges of cancer survivorship and create a brighter future for ourselves and for those who will follow in our footsteps.

Jashn-e-Justju: 1st Edition

Jashn-e-Justuju's first edition embraced the strength and resilience of cancer survivors, painting a vibrant picture of hope and triumph. The gala evening blossomed with the melodies of inspiring poetry, intertwining tales of courage and healing. As dinner was served, each bite became a celebration of life, commemorating the indomitable spirit of those who had conquered cancer's challenges.

Jashn-e-Justju: 2nd Edition

In the enchanting embrace of a winter afternoon, the 2nd edition of Jashn-e-Justuju beckoned cancer survivors to bask in the warmth of celebration. The air resonated with verses of poetry, kindling the flame of resilience within each soul present. Amidst the feast of delicious flavors, lunch became a tapestry of gratitude, honoring the unwavering strength of those who triumphed over cancer's icy grip.

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